One week left to go & introduce yourself, if you’d like

We’re scheduled to start discussion of Carolyn Steedman’s Dust just one week from today. I admit to being a bit of a slacker so I just started reading it this weekend but so far I am finding it (as described on the back of my edition) “witty, engaging, and challenging.”

One thing that I found useful the last time I hosted a online reading group like this was having people post a little about themselves before we started. It creates more of a sense of community I think and also it can be helpful to know a bit more about someone’s perspective when they are commenting on the book. So, if you’d like, post a short comment below telling us about your background in archives. This is not mandatory, of course. Anyone is welcome to participate in the conversation at any time.


18 thoughts on “One week left to go & introduce yourself, if you’d like

  1. Hi! I am in my second year as archivist at a small university. I still feel like a student, so I am happy for any chance to talk with and learn from the “Pros.” Can’t wait to discuss the book.

  2. Hey! I’m Laura, in Toronto, Canada. I graduated with a Master of Information Studies from the University of Toronto in 2010 and am now working at a large religious Archive.

  3. Hello! I’m just starting my second year as university archivist at Baylor in Waco, Texas. I held a couple project positions before that.

  4. Hello, I’m Lindsay Zaborowski in Portland, Oregon. I graduated from SUNY Albany in 2009 with a MSIS in Info. Science and a MA in History. I am currently wrapping up my first ‘real’ archives job, a two year project position working on a new online archival resource. This book was given to me by my undergraduate adviser when I graduated, so it’s been interesting to read it again now that I am officially working in the field, and I’m excited to hear everyone’s take.

  5. Hi! I’m an Archives student at the University of Denver. I’ve done some internships, but a lot of my experience is “theoretical.”

  6. Hello, I’m Emily, in NY state. I am an archaeologist with a lot of museum background, not an archivist, so I thought it would be interesting to join discussions and learn more about the field. So far I think there’s actually a lot of common ground between the book topic and the formation of museum collections.

  7. Hi there! I graduated from the University of Texas in 2012 and am in my first professional position as an archivist at the University of Houston. My interests include modern literary and historical manuscripts, rare books, and museum studies.

  8. Archivist, small museum director, librarian – in that order. First master’s in historic preservation (MHP) but found that I liked researching the buildings and families more than studying paint layers and joining methods. Wanted to become an archivist because I was a researcher first. Got a CA, then an MLIS. Been where I’ve been for a while. Slightly bummed at how scientific the field is becoming.

  9. Hi, I am Madhu. I am a PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Writing at Michigan State University. On twitter, I go by @ladymadrietta. I am interested in the connections between archives and writing (specifically how archivists talk about writing)! Looking forward to discussing Steedman with y’all!

  10. Hello all. I’m Kelly. I have an MS in Library Science and Archives Management from Simmons. I graduated in 2011. I am still looking for the archives job of my dreams. I work in a graduate library in CT.

  11. Hi! I’m Amy. I have an MSI in archives and community informatics from the University of Michigan. I am a digital tech currently, but am still looking for a full archivist position. I have a deep interest in social/collective memory and how societies process their history.

  12. Hello! I’m Amy, an MLIS grad from Drexel iSchool, 2012. Living in AK working as a librarian/curator/archivist (small town public library & museum life) for the last three years. I’m just following the discussion, but will be purchasing the book soon. Mostly trying to explore the archivist within myself. 🙂

  13. I have an MSc in Records Management in Northumbria University and am currently an external PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, working on the semiotics of records and archives and their role as symbolic and actual ‘consumer goods’. I’ve worked as records manager in the UK public and regulatory sectors, as a consultant in The Hague, and as an academic researcher on electronic records at Northumbria University.

  14. I’m a little late to this. I’m also a recent grad (2012) and I’m in the process of moving for my first archives job (starting soon). I’m still reading Dust but if the conversation is still going in a few days I hope to be able to jump in.

  15. Wow, there is nothing like being really, really late to join in. Hello, I am Benna Vaughan and I also work at Baylor University (Hello Amanda!). I am starting my 12th year as an archivist. It is an ever changing, ever evolving field and I love what I do. I may not chime in too much, but I am definitely interested in the readings and in hearing what you all have to say. Thanks.

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